Renewal Of Marriage Vows

Planning to renew (re-affirm) your marriage vows? Congratulations!

Perhaps you are celebrating a significant Wedding Anniversary, a new beginning or turning point or for no particular reason at all you just want to tell everyone that you are still so committed to each other that you want to share your joy with the world!

Because there are no legal obligations to be met, this is all just about the two of you and your continuing love for each other. So it must be fun and of course very romantic!

The vows made on your wedding day have undoubtedly become a part of you, but sometimes the day to day reality of living blurs the promises that were made.

In celebrating a Renewal of Marriage Vows the words again come to the forefront in sharp focus, and help to continue shaping your lives together. This ceremony provides an opportunity to get family, friends, and perhaps your original wedding attendants together, to celebrate a great union! Some ladies take the opportunity to wear their wedding gown again!