Name Giving Ceremonies

A new bundle of joy in the family? What could be more precious! Name giving ceremonies have a history almost as old as mankind itself. In Roman times a son was not a true legal member of the family until the father had named him in a ceremony. Naming (or name giving) was the rite which brought the child into the family.
A name giving ceremony is not an infant dedication or a christening as depicted in the Bible, but instead it is a public recognition and statement by the family and friends that this child is precious and valuable and is welcome and treasured in the family. The naming ceremony is an occasion for joy, hope, and acceptance, and is used to express our commitment, hopes, love and support for both the child and family. It is an occasion when a new birth is celebrated and a child welcomed into the world.

Most parents decide to go with the traditional idea of having Godparents (or Mentors) for their child, although there is no religious or binding legal implication contained in the ceremony. The important role played by Grandparents can be recognised, with the passing on of cultural values and helping children to understand their place within the family.

Be Unique

The opportunities for being innovative are endless. A “time capsule” containing pictures, current events, music, etc. of the year of birth; a “Wishing Tree” where those present are invited to write a special wish or blessing for the child, and attached to the tree; lighting a special Name Giving Candle; a Butterfly Release to carry wishes for the child to the heavens; planting and dedication of a Tree of Life. Many parents love assistance to research the meaning of the child’s name(s) and why it was chosen. Anything goes!

The ceremony may be kept to become a vibrant part of your family history for future generations to enjoy.

Your Name Giving Celebrant service includes:

  • Sample ceremonies, readings, and symbolism.
  • Performance of the ceremony at the designated time, at selected venue.
  • Beautifully presented copy of the ceremony.
  • Certificate of Name Giving for the child.
  • Godparent, Mentor or Guardian Certificates.