Funeral Ceremonies

Those left behind faced with funeral arrangements for a loved one, may find the responsibility of preparing a funeral service extremely difficult, emotionally draining and upsetting. After all, it isn’t something most people do every day. “How do I know what to say?” “Should we mention this?” These are some of the questions running through your mind at a challenging time.

An experienced Funeral Celebrant can save the day. It has often been said that the funeral service (or ceremony/celebration) is actually for the living, not the departed. I am an FCAA accredited Celebrant (Funeral Celebrants Association of Australia), dedicated to my role, and offer sensitivity, empathy and understanding in your time of grief. The words we put to paper will acknowledge your loss, celebrate your loved one’s life and achievements, and say farewell with special love and gratitude.

Planning Your Own Funeral

Planning your own funeral may sound a bit “bizarre” but when you think about it, it makes a huge amount of sense! It is your final demonstration of your love for your family, relieving them of the emotional burden of how to construct your funeral service, and making sure that nothing is said that you would not want included.

You can make decisions about who should (or should not) attend, music to be played, prayers or poems to be read (and by whom), your favourite flowers, anything at all that is important to you - even the reading of a special favourite joke.

I can help you to write your life story as you would want it told, adding a touch of humour or a funny story if appropriate, to truly reflect YOU. Worth thinking about!

Your Celebrant service includes:

  • Preparation of service, including Eulogy if required, in consultation with family.
  • Performance of the service at the designated time, at selected venue.
  • Beautifully presented copy of the service.
  • Member of Funeral Celebrants’ Association of Australia Inc.

    Funeral Celebrants Association Australia