Planning a Special Occasion Ceremony? Are you looking for a professional Celebrant in Sydney?

There is really no limit to the type of ceremony that can be requested. Life Celebrations, Graduation Ceremonies, Significant Birthdays, are all rituals that may be important. If you have a special occasion coming up, and you feel that you would like to mark the event with a ceremony, I would be happy to have a chat, and together we can work on the content of the ceremony to ensure that it reflects your intentions and your wishes. It can be a wonderful way to commemorate a celebration, no matter what the occasion.

These ceremonies may be conducted at any venue - your home, a function centre, a park, a restaurant, or any other place of your choosing.

Your Celebrant service includes:

  • Assistance with preparation of ceremony.
  • Performance of the ceremony at the designated time, at selected venue.
  • Please note that the ceremony must start on time.
  • Beautifully presented copy of the ceremony.
  • Certificate to commemorate the special occasion.